Black Owned Wine Box

A special one time box for new members to celebrate all the Black wines available now!

Black Owned Wines

Welcome to the Wine Church! We wanted to offer you a special one time offer of 2 bottles of Black Owned Wines for $85, includes shipping. You do not have to subscribe to the wine church to take advantage of this offer. The box comes complete with tasting notes, food pairings and a special gift.

As a Black Owned business, we wanted to offer a special box featuring some of our favorite Black Owned wines. You are able to choose a box of Rose wines, white wines, or a mixture. 

Rose Wine Box

La Fete Rose, Produced in St. Tropez, France 

Sun Goddess Wine, Mary J Blige's latest wine offering.

White Wine Box

McBride Sisters, a California Chardonay

Aslina Wines, a South African Sauvignon Blanc

White/Red Box

OPP, Oregon Pinot Noir

Aslina Wines, a South African Sauvignon Blanc

It is only available for a limited time. $85 includes shipping to anywhere within the United States.