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Shinju japanese Whiskey

$60.00 - $100.00

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Product Description

Get two bottles for $100 Shinju, meaning “Pearl”, was born from the slopes of the great Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest and most sacred mountain. The ancient Japanese believed that pearls were the tears of Angels’s ‘born of the water”. Our distillery is situated on the southeastern flank of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture which makes the sacred mountain its sole water source. Our “White Pearl” blend is a proprietary blend of this pristine alpine water source and four distinct whiskey expressions carefully crafted by our Master Distiller, each of which has been aged 2-4 years in new and mature American white oak barrels to give Shinju its rich caramel color and distinct flavor profile. A well balanced elegant expression with wafts of honey, orange and vanilla accompanied by hints of herbaceous notes and light oak.

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