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Waris Filles Champagne


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Product Description

Thinking back to a previous trip to champagne France, I came across the Waris & Filles estate this beautiful fourth-generation family-run vineyard cultivate nearly seven hectares of land dotted through different regions of Champagne. Waris & Filles only uses 100% organic fertilizer, never introducing chemical pesticides into the soil or vines. This way of working the land with patience and perseverance enables the vines to spread their roots deep into the earth thus making the best of the nutrients in the soil. The wines are stunning I decided that I had to share these fantastic wines with the members of the congregation. For a limited time, only you can purchase Two Bottles ( 1 Bottle of Blanc de Blanc and 1 Bottle of Rosè) of the Waris & Filles Champagne for $75 plus shipping.

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